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Policy and Procedures

What we can offer

Writing a policy demands getting the balance right between providing too broad an overview of legislation, managerial responsibilities and systems needed to operate control over activities, and getting bogged down in over complicated or irrelevant content. Owen David can provide:

  • For organisations with more than 5 employees a formalised policy manual which includes:
    • A statement of your commitment to H&S.
    • The defined responsibilities within your organisation.
    • The arrangements for achieving compliance and good standards in your main hazard areas.
    • Clear practical guidance on controls which need to be implemented and the means to do so
  • 30 years of experience, knowledge and precision of producing documentation across a wide range of organisations. So if we don’t know your Industry we have to the skills to quickly produce the required policy manual.
  • A digestible, jargon free and practical working policy manual.
  • As required we can review, revise and update your existing policy manual

How you will benefit

Your policy will be:

  • A means of communicating standards and responsibilities to employees.
  • An important cornerstone to good formalised corporate governance and line managers.
  • A good illustration of best practice to interested third parties including potential clients.
  • The start of the process to ensure H&S issues and legal responsibilities are being formally addressed.
  • A robust means of ensuring continuance of H&S management systems