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What we can offer

With over 30 year experience of gathering and evaluating evidence across a huge range of organisations, our audits are a penetrating analysis of your management system working in practice against an existing standard. We understand where organisations fail in terms of H&S Management Systems, implementation both generally by sector and company considering such matters as risk management, training, safe working procedures, supervision, maintenance and monitoring.

In our opinion the best management system audit is based on the HSE Publication HSG65 `Managing for Health and Safety’. The audit is scoreable and reports under the following headings;

  • Plan (Policy).
  • Do (Planning and Organising).
  • Check (Measuring Performance).
  • Act (Reviewing Performance)

Owen David also provides topic audits tailored to any type of machinery, process or sector priorities. We find these are effective at achieving legislative compliance in a subject and educating those with specific responsibilities.

How you will benefit

  • Assist you to target your resources where most needed
  • Benchmarking for repeat audits to illustrate continual improvement
  • Clients use our audits as an integral part of their H&S management plan
  • The report may be used for board level reports, external accreditation or insurance purposes
  • Demonstrates external independent assessment and responsible H&S Management to stakeholders and interested parties including potential clients
  • Encourages managers to communicate effectively to each other thus improving and transferring best practice across an organisation.
  • A means of educating and implementing company standards across sites to raise standards including setting objectives and targets within your management plan.